Steve Jobs 

Born to change the world. 

He uses his perseverance and creativity to push the 

expectations of technology to a new level again and again. 

Newton’s Gravity

The human desire for knowledge,  for the unknown yearning began with this apple.

Eden’s Garden

The first apple on Earth, Adam and Eve started the mysterious genesis story.

Three apples changed the world


In this unique story, the audience will experience two different storytelling expressions and perspectives. First wearing VR headsets, following the director’s perspective to watch the beautiful tale between the philosopher and the apple. After watching the director’s narrative perspective, the audience can personally walk into the apple garden by the most advanced unlimited walking technology. Exploring the story of philosopher and the apple by their own perspective, this new walk-through viewing experience brings the unique immersion into a different level and also creating a whole different cinematic narrative storytelling language.


What is the apple?


This story is a love fantasy inspired by Issac Newton’s discovery. One morning, the philosopher found a beautiful apple in his garden. 

"How can I make that apple mine?” He tries to make her his by everything in his knowledge, but nothing goes well. 

He went home to think of a plan. He studied all the books he can; all logic known to man. "It's logical for you to be with me!" He had no doubt she would agree. However...after heard endless explanations, the apple was sleepy and fell asleep. 

The philosopher turned to study stories of romance. He memorized the words with just a glance and threw a lot of sweet words on the apple. However…the apple was disgusted with unnecessary words. 

His heart was empty, and he could think no more. Suddenly, the philosopher knew, what he had missed from the start. "No wonder the apple wouldn't become mine! I hadn't even once, spoken from my heart!" The philosopher had discovered the essential law of the universe. 

In the last scene, the philosopher expresses simple love words to the apple. Through the honest words and love, the apple falls from the tree to the hand of the philosopher. 

When trying to communicate, there is no need for reasoning or excessive ornamental complaints, but it is vital to convey honest words and straight minds - this is the message of this story.






WALKING is the language of this film.  We hope people could get some thoughts from different walkings by different styles and speeds.  So with our partner Configreality, we created The Apple into five different stages.

A CAT acts like a director. When you are walking inside the story, there will be a cat. The cat is significant. He acts like director inside film., the cat is your guide, to guide you to the right path, to guide you to walk in different speed also to see the important elements from thoughts of the director. 



             FILM LANGUAGE

20180905_YCT_The Apple-03.png
20180905_YCT_The Apple-01.png
20180905_YCT_The Apple-02.png

The multi-player unlimited walking and viewing space let the audience explore the world through lights implemented, contagious music, specific interactions and guidance of the characters from the film. They can walk and act freely and orderly. The algorithm and unique motion capture synchronize the physical and virtual object, so when users are in the virtual world, they are given the ability not only to see the object but also physically get an augmented perception in mixed space, the magic of “seeing and touching” experience.



《THE APPLE》的动画导演内藤薰,日本著名插画家,其创作的灵感来源结合了东方的禅宗文化,并结合了牛顿的万有引力故事,表达了“只有真诚和爱是人与人之间最重要的原则。”

The animation director of "THE APPLE," Naito Kaoru, a famous Japanese illustrator, combines the inspiration of her creation with the Zen culture of the East. The story inspired by Newton's gravitational story to express that "Honesty and love are the essential laws of the universe. "


The movie uses the spatial redirection technology of the Configreality. 

Using the perception deviation that is difficult to be detected to create a set of directional algorithm for the movie to walk in the large space, so that the audience can get the experience of infinite space in the limited physical area.

对于《The Apple》,行走是这部电影的语言。希望人们可以通过观影中不同的速度和行走方式获得一些人生的感悟,因此我们创造了这部影片的5个不同阶段。
20180905_YCT_The Apple-05.png
20180905_YCT_The Apple-04.png

For "THE APPLE," walking is the language of the film. I hope that people can gain some insights through different speeds and walking ways in the movie. We created five different stages of the film. 

Kaoru Naito

Original Author & Animation director

Bin Gu 

Director & Producer

Liquan Liu

Technical Director


Love’s Gravity 





Love’s Gravity 


与合作伙伴上海晶雅景观一起基于电影<THE APPLE>合作开发了《爱有引力》沉浸式主题乐园,并最终在2018年圣诞档期在上海静安大悦城向公众开放,这也是全球首个基于VR电影发展而成的沉浸式主题乐园。

视 交

觉 互

体 体

验 验




From Visual Experience

       to Interactive Experience

Large Scale Multi-person Interactive VR Film

VR Immersive Film

AR Immersive Interactive Experience